Right to Work was soundly defeated August 7 with 67.5% of voters voting NO on Prop A. Voters defeated the measure in 100 out of 114 counties, and in a majority of House and Senate districts. Voter turnout was up 37 percent, with 380,000 more voters participating in the election than the previous August primary. Voters choosing the Democratic ballot also surged, with 89% more Democrats taking a ballot than in the 2016 Presidential Primary.

While this was a major victory for working people to keep wages and benefits from being dragged down, the fight is far from over. Governor Parson, Republican legislators and wealthy funders are already planning to bring up Right to Work and other anti-worker legislature in the future.

In order to move the interests of working families forward, we need to defeat legislators who vote against the interest of their constituents, and carry that energy into the 2019 legislative session.

Presenters: Lenny Jones, Missouri Director and Vice President of SEIU Healthcare Illinois, Missouri, and Kansas and Ryan Burke, Campaign Manager for Vote No on Prop A