Homes for All St. Louis is a coalition of community and leftist political organizations seeking to build power around the shared value that “housing is a human right.” We reject the notion that housing be viewed as a commodity, and that developers, investors, and other corporate interests are able to shape communities they have no personal relationships or ties to. Our strategies include being very explicit about the role racism and white supremacy has played in constructing St. Louis’ housing problems, providing guidance and skills so that those most impacted by our broken system become leaders in this fight, and uniting localized community and neighborhood struggles across the region so that our unity withstand the opposition. Whether you are an affected resident looking to combat displacement, or an ally looking to provide material or labor support, we can equip you to join our shared struggle! Presenters: Alicia Hernandez, DSA, Britta Thornton, DSA, Christopher Ottolino, DSA, Michael Shultz, Socialist Alternative, Talia Earle, DSA