On September 8, the Peoples’ Climate Movement Day of Action is calling for a national day of action for Climate, Jobs & Justice. This workshop will give participants the tools to engage in this national effort. Carbon pollution from coal-fired power plants and vehicles is driving climate change, while causing substantial public health problems in St. Louis. Air pollution drives high levels of childhood asthma in St. Louis, as well as strokes and heart attacks. With climate-deniers in the White House and the EPA, the federal government has abdicated its responsibility to protect public health. This workshop will give St. Louisans specific actions to take TODAY to fight back and demand a liveable planet. Campaigns discussed include opposing Kavanaugh’s nomination to the US Supreme Court, pushing Governor Parson to appoint a local public health advocate to the Missouri Air Conservation Commission, and protecting the EPA budget from deep cuts, and demanding that local mayors stand up for climate action.
Presenters: John Hickey, Missouri Sierra Club Director, Reverend Rodrick Burton, Gretchen Waddell Barwick, Assistant Chapter Director of Missouri Sierra Club, and Michael Berg, organizer of Sierra Club’s political program